Marina Braginskaya

Owner and founder of Braginskaya & Architects , interior designer

Every project for me is like a new Universe to be discovered and brought to life.


Polina Viter

Chief Architect

Attention to every detail of the project is the groundwork of my job, something I cannot imagine my work without.

Tatiana Tiushniakova

Leading Architect

The first drawings are the most thrilling and challenging. It is not always easy to start a new project, but as everything is getting to its place, it is the pure magic!

Svetlana Eremeeva

Architect, artist

I love to come to the construction sites and see how my ideas born on the paper are getting realized. It is absolutely priceless!

Tatiana Elmanova

Interior designer, head of Design department`

There is always something that can go wrong in the process of construction. But it is even more thrilling to figure it out and solve the problem. My goal is not only to create design, but also embody it the real space